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Marketing for Gyms

At Fitness Marketing, we provide "done for you" lead generation and fitness marketing for gyms, PT's F45 Training & CrossFit gyms. If you want for a fitness marketing company with a proven track record in lead generation, fitness marketing and fitness sales we are the company to talk to.

The key to building a successful fitness business is LEAD GENERATION.

No doubt about it!

SALES are important too, make no mistake.

But, let's assume most of your leads are 70 - 90% already interested in your fitness business.

The sales part shouldn't be too hard then.... should it?

However, without a steady flow of leads coming into your business YOU WILL STRUGGLE.

In order to generate leads, you have to spend some money. Anyone who tells you otherwise has not run a fitness business before or is seriously kidding themselves.

The good news is you can generate leads at relatively low cost.

If you are ok with allocating a budget per month for fitness marketing and lead generation you will succeed and we can help you. If you are just starting out or afraid to spend to receive then we cannot help you.

There are no magic pills or potions.

Just good old fashioned target marketing. Some of you think "target marketing" is new. It isn't.

Marketing for gyms, F45 Training studios, and most fitness businesses requires one key component in order to generate a constant flow of leads. 

You need to know who you want to target with your marketing efforts. And you can't say everyone.

You have to be specific. Eg: Females aged between 25 - 35, living in Bayside, with high disposable income, who are into keeping fit or want to lose weight.

You can have multiple ideal clients but you need to market to each differently with a different message.

Regardless of the marketing message the results are often the same - lead generated + trial + appointment = sale

Or something along those lines.

If you really want to succeed with your fitness marketing efforts you need to have a multiple online lead generation strategy in place. This means Facebook, Instagram, SEO, Adwords, Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Opt-Ins, Lead Magnets just to name a few.

All of these fitness marketing strategies should be set up properly and optimised to target your ideal client.

As well as the appropriate tracking and measuring metrics in place.


We specialise in all these fitness marketing strategies and can quickly and cost effectively set them up for you.

We'll work with you and monitor the results to help you improve your ROI on an ongoing basis.

Sure you could get your "head trainer",  "admin girl" or "social media superstar" to hack around for a bit. Some might do ok, whilst most will get found out. Plus you really need something you can rely on. We all know the fitness industry staff turnover is at an all-time high.

The smart thing to do is to let us do it for you.



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